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Azulita Set is back for Mother's Day only

A beautiful and shiny Jarrita and Velita set, handpainted with blue floral designs. 


Choose between 3 mesmerizing and fresh aromas for your candle

Pink Peonies, a beautiful yet bold aroma of blossoming peony flowers. Contains notes of cherry blossom, soothing magnolia, bergamot and amber.


En La Nubes, a soothing yet refreshing aroma of fresh blue sage, relaxing florals and clean sandalwood.


Flor De Cactus is a lively yet refreshing aroma of green succulent plants and florals. Contains notes of watery aloe, sweet agave, chrysanthemum petals and patchouli.


Scent Moods: Floral/Fresh/Green

Burn Time 15+ hrs

Candle Size: 5oz

Wax Type: Premium SoyBlend


Jarrita Dimensions 

7in tall

5in wide

Azulita Jarrita y Vela Set


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