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Mariposa Monarca Set is back for Mother's Day only


A stunning wood-like jarrita and taza handpainted with the beautiful monarch butterfly. 


Choose between three beautiful aromas for your candle,

Sweet Gardenia is a lovely aroma of soft gardenia flowers, juicy mango and with a hint of peach and coconut. 


Black Orchid is a soft yet rich perfume like aroma of sweet botanicals like orchids flowers and jasmine. contains notes of oakmoss, amber and patchouli.


Casita Limpia is a NEW aroma that contains notes of fresh zesty lime, citrusy orange and creamy lilac flowers to create an uplifting yet beautiful vibe.


Scent Moods: Sweet/Floral/Citrsuy

Burn Time 45+ hrs

Candle Size: 13oz

Wax Type: Premium SoyBlend


Jarrita Dimensions 

5.5in tall

5in wide

Mariposa Monarca Jarrita y Vela Set

Out of Stock