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Spring Wax Melts are now available in our top 4 aromas for this blooiming season!

Scents that will brighten and refresh your casita.


Scent Options

✨ Casita Limpia is a NEW aroma that contains notes of fresh zesty lime, citrusy orange and creamy lilac flowers to create an uplifting yet beautiful vibe.


✨ Flor De Cactus ia a lively yet fresh aroma of green succulent plants and florals. Contains notes of watery aloe, sweet agave, chrysanthemum petals and patchouli.


✨ Pink Peonies is a beautiful yet bold aroma of blossoming peony flowers. Contains notes of cherry blossom, soothing magnolia, bergamot and amber.


✨ Lovely Lavenda is a soothing aroma of soft lavender, jasmine, sweet vanilla and with a hint of fresh green eucalyptus.

Spring Wax Melts


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